College Life

It has been 7 or 8 months since I started my college in Multimedia Nusantara University. For those of you who's wondering, I'm currently taking Communication Science major. I choose this particular major because it's my second option. My first option was Tourism Management, involving traveling and languages, also communicating and introducing things, which I love very much and would like to do in the future. So why Communication Science? The reason is, I can't find any university that offer things I want near my area. I know that most of them would be located in Bali, therefore I heard that there's a role like a Public Relation. I thought that with this I could be better in business communication, which is my hobby also (I want to be a successful Entrepreneur) and I can still deliver my love for languages. HAHAHA.

Do I love studying?
No. At first I didn't want to continue my study to college. I wanted to start working ASAP and that was the reason why I finished my high school in a Vocational High School or SMK focusing on Accounting. HEARING THAT, now you must be wandering why did I choose Communication Science, not Accounting or Management right? Or you do not care LOLLLL
The only reason is, I don't want to work forever in the Accounting part, although I really do like accounting. At least I know the basics and it would help me then.
Putting that aside, the only reason is, I wanted my parents to be proud. My dad especially, he didn't finish his Junior High School because of money issue. My mom was the same although she finished her Vocational High School too (dulu namanya SMEA). They had two brilliant brains. And not continuing my study while they are capable is such a waste (says my mom). I got a 100% scholarship for entrance fee too so this helps, in a way.

Why UMN?
It's the nearest here, the most unique building I've ever visited, and the campus tour make me fall in love (THANKS TO UMNTV LOL)

Do I regret my decision?
Yes. But No. Well, a little bit. LOL
I thought that being a public relation is a great job for me. One of my favorite teacher in High School said the same thing too. But studying further, I realized that in some aspect maybe this is not a job for me. At the same side, I think I could nail the job too. It's pretty confusing, but I still decided to continue because I have choose this ONE AND ONLY WAY. LOL

What else what elsee. Oh yeah. Is studying in college fun? YES. But no. But, okay it's sometimes fun, exciting, and it's a good and valuable experience you have to go through in life. I'm sure that being in college, just itself, will give you so many experience you can't ever think about and will be useful in your work life. The only thing making it's not as fun as it is, is, you will not have that many spare time to play or have fun like you had in school. I can guarantee that almost all university will offer this if you are -of course, an active colleger. If you are not, you should be one soon. I can guarantee that it will be a lot of experience of life for you even though being one will be exhausting and takes a lot of time. I already am telling you this even though I, myself, still a new college student. That means in this short time I already got so many valuable experiences. BELIEVE ME.
You will learn a lot about how you respect other people, analyze their personalities, and respond the way you should be, which is for me, is very important in the future.

Of course, I won't have that many spare time to watch animes for the entire night finishing the entire season, but I assure you that when it's holiday, it's really holiday, even longer than we used to be given in school. HAHAHAHA *looking at the bright side

So is it fun? YES IT IS.

The key is to be diligent and just be you while respecting another. Time management is the most important thing in college. Therefore take your time to do things and make sure that you put your full effort unto everything you're doing.

There are so many things I wanted to talk and share about but I think I will save them for late. HAHAHA

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