Day 1 - Welcome to Changi Airport !


I just got time to write some blog post so yea.
HAHAHAHA. I neglect most of the extra time to did some unimportant things, well, per usual.

So how's it going? I have a lot to tell you but you can go ahead and check my instagram for my daily updates lol @deldd

Last family holiday I went to Singapore-Malaysia for three (or four?) days trip. We went there together with my Aunt-Uncle's family from my mom (three families) plus my grandma/apho. The plan is to go to Singapore first, and spend our day time there, and when the night comes we'll ride a bus to go to Malaysia and spend our first night, until the day we went back home in Malaysia. So it's a Singapore-Johor-Kuala Lumpur trip kinda like. It was a plan made by my mom's friend, Yi Meilan. So the trip was quite fun! We planned our own trip! (not the tourists guide HAHAHA)

I'll put this post under #SKLTrip if you are curious to see the series, loll.

Let's go with the first day then !

3AM in the morning, yep I didn't get any sleep. I stayed awake for our Departure time. It was hilarious. For me and my brother Dandy, 3 AM+ is our usual sleeping time. So it was not a big deal stayed waking up for it. (Ooops, should have been a better sister ! HAHAHA)

Ate KFC for my breakfast in the airport and IT WAS THE YUMMIEST BREAKFAST EVER! (Since I was pretty damn hungry OGOD).

Ariving at Singapore, we went to Merlion, and USS (Universal Studio Singapore).
A picture of us in Changi.

I didn't have any decent pictures with Merlion but here's a picture of me and my ice cream near there.
 I'm a happy girl with ma ice cream. lol

I didn't realize that it was pretty expensive until I convert em to Rupiahs. Oh sh*t HAHAHA
We saw Marina Bay from afar and it was... like.. unreachable LOLLL

Driving the next place, it was very funny with our tour guide in Sing called, Mrs. Yuli. She is muslim and UNEXPECTEDLY HILARIOUS!!! They way she talk, the way she moves nonstopable, jusst lol. And I mentioned that she is muslim, because when I went there (June 20th) she was fasting. And it was awesome seeing how high spirited she is!

Moving to the USS, we rode something like fast train kinda, I forgot what was it called again lol. I don't have any decent picture other than this one. Sob (?)
lol sorry I was this fugly. But I love my clothes today anyway. Pretty comfy and just, me?

I forgot to post it LOLLL. #posting

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