(this, I was smiling to relief my stress for my upcoming Try Out Exam mahahaha)

Hej ! I didn't intend to post you some selfie, but since I am a fans of celfie myself, why not ?
Hahahaha ! I'm in the middle of experiencing the 3rd most busiest(?) life experience ever. First was elementary national test, 2nd was junior high national exam, and the third... GAHH.
Life has been hectic all day long. And for a supa dupa extra lazy gal like me... lol. As you can see I am a supa dupa extra lazy girl. And I can't believe I just repeat that. LOL
I like to woke up late, come late to school, and enjoying life more than the others (BY SLEEPING OR DOING A MERE BROWSING I MEAN)

So, something is going wrong with my head, and this words come to mind:
"If I keep on doing nothing, nothing will ever happen to my life."
Whatta serious words. I can't even believe that I can write them!
SO MY 2015 Mission, replacing the old one which was "JAGA MULUT" was "DISCIPLINE".

For most of us human, that one world mean a little but a lot. As in for me, it meant nothing. Well at least not until now.

Will be sharing a lot more soon! HAHAHA

(Goodbye face x'D)

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