cny 2015

Random Ribbon Bought at ... err-- I think Strawberry? Or Yayang ? I forgot x'D

Let's welcome the Wood Goat for this year's luck

My Chinese New Year was awesomeeeeee. I enjoy this particular Chinese New Year a lot. Mahahaha (GOT A LOT OF HONG BAOS TOO MAHAHAHA!!! #loh)
 Picture above is my hairstyle on the First Day of CNY. I didn't tie it up at first but ... You'll notice why while reading. Mahahaha.

The first day of CNY was EXHAUSTINGGGG. I'm feeling like sleeping all the time x'D I woke up in the morning around 7 and hugged and kyunghi (#idon'tknowwhatyoucallthese) my Mom whom was cooking dinner while my dad tidied the terrace (as you can see I have four cuties #read:puppies outside my house). I felt really sleepy after I did that so I take a several nap at my brother's room downstairs. At around 8, I just remembered that my grandma with my aunt's family would be going to Bangka, my homeland that afternoon. AND I HAD THIS URGE TO DO MY MAKEUP WHICH I USUALLY DIDN'T, LOL. So I figured out that I would need at least an hour since I'm not a pro at those kind of things. LOL.

As for the result, I quite like it mahaha.
I didn't want to use that much foundation and concealer, bronze and blush also. Since I would be very lazy powdering my face later. As you can see it became plain and didn't cover that much. But it worked, for a lazy girl like me. Especially the eyeliner. I just tidied my brows and filled them in then made the eyeliner LEIK A PROOO BABEE. #actually..not

I'm showing off the Cherry Earrings I bought specially to match up my CNY essential too from ig: cozymarkets
It's very cute and different from any Cherry Earrings I found, but I have to say that they're quite heavy since I am a fan of low-weighted earrings.
Photo Courtesy of ig : dandy_galley
Dress : www.kiveeshop.com
Bag : Guess
Shoes : ig alivelovearts

DANNN saya belang. sedih deh... (?)

The bag itself is a pair with my Mom's. My Mom's is a handbag unlike mine (shoulder-strapped). The shoes are quite high, around 12cm or so. GOOD JOB DANDY YOU JUST MADE ME SHORTER #CRIES
Seeing this you could see that I am very short indeed lol. I am barely 150cm in height x'D

Back to the topic, as soon as i finish my bath and make-up I kyunghi -ed my dad and my mom again , and it was already 9 at the moment. My house was already full of guests when I came downstairs. I had to help my parents for a sec welcoming the quests. I sneaked out for a moment then to go to my grandma's house (which is my aunt's too) because yea at least I know that we have to visit the oldest first, whom is in my case, my only grandma. When she gave me my HongBao she also gave me my boyfriend's, and this made me happy. (Since she thought about my boyfie so I'm a happy girl. lol)

After that I went to my only one Qiu Qiu's house to visit. I was very happy to see my Qiu Mei and her daughters wore a paired Yellow Dress but equally sad since my Qiu2 couldn't wear the same clothes (OR ELSE IT WOULD BE LOLLL!)
The rest of the day were spent by serving the quests until around 9/10 o'clock which made me exhausted since they were coming nonstop x'D

Good thing that on the late-afternoon I could do player-switch with my brother, Dandy, AND THANK GOD I COULD SLEEPPPP ! At 7 or so my boyfriend came to visit us when I was sleeping. I usually had a change of clothes after I hugged him and took a bath, but didn't catch any picture with it since my house, again, was full of guests...

I ate a total of 8 scoop of Corn Soup that my Mom made. FATTSOOO
 I then spent the rest time from 9-10 with my boyfriend chit-chatting.

THE NEXT MORNING I WOKE UP QUITE REFRESHED! ♥ Every second day of CNY, I always went to visit my siblings or my dad's close friends near the area. It's always around 4-5 houses every year. Actually my dad is the youngest child in his family while my mom is the oldest. But the cause of the full of guests the day before was because my dad has many friends and also close siblings and relatives, that's why even though he is the youngest..... STILL, SO MANY PEOPLE CAMEEEEEE x'D

I didn't wear that much make-up or you could say I didn't wear any, just a little concealer and a bit of eyeliner to bold my weird eyes a little bit.

Was taken by Ekeng, my lil brother. It was on a swing in my Suk-Kung&Suk-Pho's house.
 I love their side door view a lot. It makes a lot of light come in and it's very clean!
Tartan Shirt : Matahari DepStore
Sabrina Top : Mom's leftover
Skirt : ig shopdeli
 Shoes : mintandmauve
Bag : Guess

 Pictures below, were taken in even more beautiful house x'D
 This was in their Center-Park inside their house

 This was the front view of the house. I could tell you more about who's the owner and else but I'm already feeling sleepy. I have to take a lot of rest and prepare myself for the upcoming National Practical Test on Monday. I WISH ME LUCK AND YOU TOO!



Whatta Late Valentine

Hej ! For today... no pic since I'm very lazy to move things from phone to mac, MAHAHAHA (my phone is not an apple so..(?))


I always love the myth behind Valentines (what I am talking about is the romantique-?- one even though it still saddens me hahaha)

There was a commotion about these just recently, right? YKWIM about our neighbor religious, WELLYEA. NAHNAHNAH, That's not what I mean. (????) #nowimspoutingnonsense

Now to talk about my Valentineeeee, yeaihaveadatewithsomeoneyoushouldknowifyouknowmethatwell. Even though you didn't know me, by stalking me you'll know #kode. It was....HUHUHU. On the 14th he couldn't comehereeee. I was attending my extra study until 5pm while his house got short-circuit. So he must manage it since hersistercan'tdoanythingwhattamendokusai (?) #blablingtoherself.
BUTTT Thank God the next day were Sunday so he came to my house and like usual, help me and my family. Whatta lovely ♥ 
*As you can see, his house is quite far from mine. So I can't either go there to be his aid, nor can he since it would be too late to visit me (?). OR SHOULD I SAY, ngapell, yihaa wkwkwk.

We went to Tangerang City to repair my shoes that I just got from @verenleecious garagesale. I'll show it to you soon, well if I wore it and took a photo wif it, kay? Hahaha. Too bad, it can't be repaired. Good thing that it'll only need glueing. But still,.... wellican'tdescribeithuhuhu. AND GOOD THING that verenlee is such a cutie since she apologies and gives me 25% discount for my next shop. butnowithinkitisworsebecauseiwillgobuythingsathergaragesaleagainshimatta. AWELLLLL, It's okayyy puredeeh okayyy. Since I'm such a cutie myself mahaha #iew
Well, repairing the shoesss, WAS another reason we had since we want to have our time diddle daddle together. (AND THE SECOND WAS BECAUSE OF ICE CREAM. He is a sucker for ice cream, this, I can tell you). We ate Frozen Ben (Jeju Ice Cream lookalike) and I think he likes it hahaha. to tell you the truth, he likes almost any ice cream, every ice cream, everything will do as long as it's ice cream. I am myself is a fan of A&W Spicy Aroma Fried Chicken sawwwww I have to have to haveeee tooo eatt one. MAHAHAHA

K, now I really wanted to show you the picture but as you can see I am a lazy lady so the next post, I'LL SEE YOU THEREEE BABEEEE

As for todayyy, I went to Balekota Mall near my house, around 10 minutes if I were racing.
I've done some movie marathon, a typical activity for me #lol. I went to the mall by myself riding my beloved motorcycle, Imo. She is such a lovely today, takes me to the place I want safely (?). Well, she's always been like that(?) #itsgettingweirder. The first reason I went there was because of my friends. One of them celebrates his 18th Birthday last Monday. and now i just remember that i didn't tell him any greetings #slaps. He invited several of us to watch a movie and 6 people made it, 7 if it's including him. He is the type of a royal friend, likeme.  We watched Jupiter Ascending and it was not that bad for meee. We lost around 10 minutes at the opening because of waiting my ngaret-friends, yeayeayeaguessforyourselfwakakka. My biggest thank you to you, Heri ! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO! Hahahaha. 
After the movie, we went to Amazon playground (like Timezone or Funworld) because of me. I was dreaming about playing Pump It Up since I ate a lot of foods huhuhu, when the machine broke. GOOD JOB AMAZON. HUHUHUHU. Then we went to the Gramedia because of my otaku friend, and I hate her for that. She made me spent idr200.000 in a day GRRR (hey buddy it's your own fault)
Yea, I have to admit that I can't resist the urge to buy manga / comicbooks since I was falling behind quite a few weeks huhuhu.
But overall, today was splendid. but again, 99,99% was because I watched Dragon's Blade with Jackie Chan in it and... WAAAAAAAAAA (yea i'm a fan, his biggest). JACKIE YOU'VE MADE MY DAY ♥ nahnahnah not that i'm telling that i didn't enjoy watching movie for free. nu'uh #lol

As for tomorrowwwww, tomorrow is going to be a big day. Since it's CHINESE NEW YEARRRR! YEAYYY ULALALA. Most of my girl friends prepared almost 4+ pairs to wear for CNY, and I am jelly huhuhu. I only got three, one of them is twinnies for my family x'D But no worries I'm such a cutie so I don't need that much clothes, my face is enough #shaddap.

Anddd, I think I'll share this big event to you soon! It's already late and it's Chinese New Year now, it won't be tomorrow again x'D


Cheers ♥ 




(this, I was smiling to relief my stress for my upcoming Try Out Exam mahahaha)

Hej ! I didn't intend to post you some selfie, but since I am a fans of celfie myself, why not ?
Hahahaha ! I'm in the middle of experiencing the 3rd most busiest(?) life experience ever. First was elementary national test, 2nd was junior high national exam, and the third... GAHH.
Life has been hectic all day long. And for a supa dupa extra lazy gal like me... lol. As you can see I am a supa dupa extra lazy girl. And I can't believe I just repeat that. LOL
I like to woke up late, come late to school, and enjoying life more than the others (BY SLEEPING OR DOING A MERE BROWSING I MEAN)

So, something is going wrong with my head, and this words come to mind:
"If I keep on doing nothing, nothing will ever happen to my life."
Whatta serious words. I can't even believe that I can write them!
SO MY 2015 Mission, replacing the old one which was "JAGA MULUT" was "DISCIPLINE".

For most of us human, that one world mean a little but a lot. As in for me, it meant nothing. Well at least not until now.

Will be sharing a lot more soon! HAHAHA

(Goodbye face x'D)