College Life

It has been 7 or 8 months since I started my college in Multimedia Nusantara University. For those of you who's wondering, I'm currently taking Communication Science major. I choose this particular major because it's my second option. My first option was Tourism Management, involving traveling and languages, also communicating and introducing things, which I love very much and would like to do in the future. So why Communication Science? The reason is, I can't find any university that offer things I want near my area. I know that most of them would be located in Bali, therefore I heard that there's a role like a Public Relation. I thought that with this I could be better in business communication, which is my hobby also (I want to be a successful Entrepreneur) and I can still deliver my love for languages. HAHAHA.

Do I love studying?
No. At first I didn't want to continue my study to college. I wanted to start working ASAP and that was the reason why I finished my high school in a Vocational High School or SMK focusing on Accounting. HEARING THAT, now you must be wandering why did I choose Communication Science, not Accounting or Management right? Or you do not care LOLLLL
The only reason is, I don't want to work forever in the Accounting part, although I really do like accounting. At least I know the basics and it would help me then.
Putting that aside, the only reason is, I wanted my parents to be proud. My dad especially, he didn't finish his Junior High School because of money issue. My mom was the same although she finished her Vocational High School too (dulu namanya SMEA). They had two brilliant brains. And not continuing my study while they are capable is such a waste (says my mom). I got a 100% scholarship for entrance fee too so this helps, in a way.

Why UMN?
It's the nearest here, the most unique building I've ever visited, and the campus tour make me fall in love (THANKS TO UMNTV LOL)

Do I regret my decision?
Yes. But No. Well, a little bit. LOL
I thought that being a public relation is a great job for me. One of my favorite teacher in High School said the same thing too. But studying further, I realized that in some aspect maybe this is not a job for me. At the same side, I think I could nail the job too. It's pretty confusing, but I still decided to continue because I have choose this ONE AND ONLY WAY. LOL

What else what elsee. Oh yeah. Is studying in college fun? YES. But no. But, okay it's sometimes fun, exciting, and it's a good and valuable experience you have to go through in life. I'm sure that being in college, just itself, will give you so many experience you can't ever think about and will be useful in your work life. The only thing making it's not as fun as it is, is, you will not have that many spare time to play or have fun like you had in school. I can guarantee that almost all university will offer this if you are -of course, an active colleger. If you are not, you should be one soon. I can guarantee that it will be a lot of experience of life for you even though being one will be exhausting and takes a lot of time. I already am telling you this even though I, myself, still a new college student. That means in this short time I already got so many valuable experiences. BELIEVE ME.
You will learn a lot about how you respect other people, analyze their personalities, and respond the way you should be, which is for me, is very important in the future.

Of course, I won't have that many spare time to watch animes for the entire night finishing the entire season, but I assure you that when it's holiday, it's really holiday, even longer than we used to be given in school. HAHAHAHA *looking at the bright side

So is it fun? YES IT IS.

The key is to be diligent and just be you while respecting another. Time management is the most important thing in college. Therefore take your time to do things and make sure that you put your full effort unto everything you're doing.

There are so many things I wanted to talk and share about but I think I will save them for late. HAHAHA


Day 1 - Welcome to Changi Airport !


I just got time to write some blog post so yea.
HAHAHAHA. I neglect most of the extra time to did some unimportant things, well, per usual.

So how's it going? I have a lot to tell you but you can go ahead and check my instagram for my daily updates lol @deldd

Last family holiday I went to Singapore-Malaysia for three (or four?) days trip. We went there together with my Aunt-Uncle's family from my mom (three families) plus my grandma/apho. The plan is to go to Singapore first, and spend our day time there, and when the night comes we'll ride a bus to go to Malaysia and spend our first night, until the day we went back home in Malaysia. So it's a Singapore-Johor-Kuala Lumpur trip kinda like. It was a plan made by my mom's friend, Yi Meilan. So the trip was quite fun! We planned our own trip! (not the tourists guide HAHAHA)

I'll put this post under #SKLTrip if you are curious to see the series, loll.

Let's go with the first day then !

3AM in the morning, yep I didn't get any sleep. I stayed awake for our Departure time. It was hilarious. For me and my brother Dandy, 3 AM+ is our usual sleeping time. So it was not a big deal stayed waking up for it. (Ooops, should have been a better sister ! HAHAHA)

Ate KFC for my breakfast in the airport and IT WAS THE YUMMIEST BREAKFAST EVER! (Since I was pretty damn hungry OGOD).

Ariving at Singapore, we went to Merlion, and USS (Universal Studio Singapore).
A picture of us in Changi.

I didn't have any decent pictures with Merlion but here's a picture of me and my ice cream near there.
 I'm a happy girl with ma ice cream. lol

I didn't realize that it was pretty expensive until I convert em to Rupiahs. Oh sh*t HAHAHA
We saw Marina Bay from afar and it was... like.. unreachable LOLLL

Driving the next place, it was very funny with our tour guide in Sing called, Mrs. Yuli. She is muslim and UNEXPECTEDLY HILARIOUS!!! They way she talk, the way she moves nonstopable, jusst lol. And I mentioned that she is muslim, because when I went there (June 20th) she was fasting. And it was awesome seeing how high spirited she is!

Moving to the USS, we rode something like fast train kinda, I forgot what was it called again lol. I don't have any decent picture other than this one. Sob (?)
lol sorry I was this fugly. But I love my clothes today anyway. Pretty comfy and just, me?

I forgot to post it LOLLL. #posting


cny 2015

Random Ribbon Bought at ... err-- I think Strawberry? Or Yayang ? I forgot x'D

Let's welcome the Wood Goat for this year's luck

My Chinese New Year was awesomeeeeee. I enjoy this particular Chinese New Year a lot. Mahahaha (GOT A LOT OF HONG BAOS TOO MAHAHAHA!!! #loh)
 Picture above is my hairstyle on the First Day of CNY. I didn't tie it up at first but ... You'll notice why while reading. Mahahaha.

The first day of CNY was EXHAUSTINGGGG. I'm feeling like sleeping all the time x'D I woke up in the morning around 7 and hugged and kyunghi (#idon'tknowwhatyoucallthese) my Mom whom was cooking dinner while my dad tidied the terrace (as you can see I have four cuties #read:puppies outside my house). I felt really sleepy after I did that so I take a several nap at my brother's room downstairs. At around 8, I just remembered that my grandma with my aunt's family would be going to Bangka, my homeland that afternoon. AND I HAD THIS URGE TO DO MY MAKEUP WHICH I USUALLY DIDN'T, LOL. So I figured out that I would need at least an hour since I'm not a pro at those kind of things. LOL.

As for the result, I quite like it mahaha.
I didn't want to use that much foundation and concealer, bronze and blush also. Since I would be very lazy powdering my face later. As you can see it became plain and didn't cover that much. But it worked, for a lazy girl like me. Especially the eyeliner. I just tidied my brows and filled them in then made the eyeliner LEIK A PROOO BABEE. #actually..not

I'm showing off the Cherry Earrings I bought specially to match up my CNY essential too from ig: cozymarkets
It's very cute and different from any Cherry Earrings I found, but I have to say that they're quite heavy since I am a fan of low-weighted earrings.
Photo Courtesy of ig : dandy_galley
Dress : www.kiveeshop.com
Bag : Guess
Shoes : ig alivelovearts

DANNN saya belang. sedih deh... (?)

The bag itself is a pair with my Mom's. My Mom's is a handbag unlike mine (shoulder-strapped). The shoes are quite high, around 12cm or so. GOOD JOB DANDY YOU JUST MADE ME SHORTER #CRIES
Seeing this you could see that I am very short indeed lol. I am barely 150cm in height x'D

Back to the topic, as soon as i finish my bath and make-up I kyunghi -ed my dad and my mom again , and it was already 9 at the moment. My house was already full of guests when I came downstairs. I had to help my parents for a sec welcoming the quests. I sneaked out for a moment then to go to my grandma's house (which is my aunt's too) because yea at least I know that we have to visit the oldest first, whom is in my case, my only grandma. When she gave me my HongBao she also gave me my boyfriend's, and this made me happy. (Since she thought about my boyfie so I'm a happy girl. lol)

After that I went to my only one Qiu Qiu's house to visit. I was very happy to see my Qiu Mei and her daughters wore a paired Yellow Dress but equally sad since my Qiu2 couldn't wear the same clothes (OR ELSE IT WOULD BE LOLLL!)
The rest of the day were spent by serving the quests until around 9/10 o'clock which made me exhausted since they were coming nonstop x'D

Good thing that on the late-afternoon I could do player-switch with my brother, Dandy, AND THANK GOD I COULD SLEEPPPP ! At 7 or so my boyfriend came to visit us when I was sleeping. I usually had a change of clothes after I hugged him and took a bath, but didn't catch any picture with it since my house, again, was full of guests...

I ate a total of 8 scoop of Corn Soup that my Mom made. FATTSOOO
 I then spent the rest time from 9-10 with my boyfriend chit-chatting.

THE NEXT MORNING I WOKE UP QUITE REFRESHED! ♥ Every second day of CNY, I always went to visit my siblings or my dad's close friends near the area. It's always around 4-5 houses every year. Actually my dad is the youngest child in his family while my mom is the oldest. But the cause of the full of guests the day before was because my dad has many friends and also close siblings and relatives, that's why even though he is the youngest..... STILL, SO MANY PEOPLE CAMEEEEEE x'D

I didn't wear that much make-up or you could say I didn't wear any, just a little concealer and a bit of eyeliner to bold my weird eyes a little bit.

Was taken by Ekeng, my lil brother. It was on a swing in my Suk-Kung&Suk-Pho's house.
 I love their side door view a lot. It makes a lot of light come in and it's very clean!
Tartan Shirt : Matahari DepStore
Sabrina Top : Mom's leftover
Skirt : ig shopdeli
 Shoes : mintandmauve
Bag : Guess

 Pictures below, were taken in even more beautiful house x'D
 This was in their Center-Park inside their house

 This was the front view of the house. I could tell you more about who's the owner and else but I'm already feeling sleepy. I have to take a lot of rest and prepare myself for the upcoming National Practical Test on Monday. I WISH ME LUCK AND YOU TOO!